About Us

Inspired by the belief that one-of-a-kind experiences can change your life, Dream Maker Travel specializes in unique, meaningful experiences that create lasting memories and build meaningful connections.


Our Company

Launched in 2014, Dream Maker Travel is a New York-based boutique travel agency catering to high-end corporate and leisure travelers worldwide. We specialize in highly unique, customized trips with personalized concierge services ranging from honeymoons and multi-generational family trips to corporate retreats and summer camps. We pour our time and energy into planning travel, not only because it’s our job, but because it’s our passion. We work closely with clients to understand just exactly how to turn their travel dreams into reality. 

Crystal Warner , Founder of Dream Maker Travel

Crystal Warner, Founder of Dream Maker Travel

Our Story

Following “20 seconds of insane courage,” Crystal Warner decided to parlay her passion for travel into a business curating tailor made luxury vacations for clients. Some might say it’s an unlikely career choice: As a 2004 USC graduate who returned in 2007 to earn an MBA, she walked away from a seven-year career at a top global investment management firm and founded Dream Maker Travel. Her boutique agency, which specializes in highly unique, customized trips with personalized concierge services, took off immediately, with a large clientele from China – the world’s fastest-growing tourism market. Today, she spends much of her time in Shanghai, visiting her sister and building rapport with clientele who want elite vacations in some of the world’s most sought after destinations. Relying on her first-hand knowledge garnered from many years of exploring the globe, her ultimate goal is to give all of her clients exceptional experiences that will forever change how they see the world.

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Dream Maker Travel Today

Now 2 years later, Dream Maker Travel has built an extensive industry network of top luxury travel suppliers around the world that allows us to negotiate amenities, upgrades, and VIP status for our discerning client base. We travel regularly for site inspections and familiarization trips to stay on top of the ever-changing travel industry.