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In addition to the famous ruins of the Angkor dynasty, Cambodia is home to a wealth of exceptional off the beaten path locations. A southern coastline flaunting stunning beaches, scenic cruises along the Mekong and voyages onto Asia’s largest freshwater lake, Tonle Sap, add several other dimensions to the Cambodia tour experience. Visitors will experience a growing arts and craft scene and a nation proud of its Angkor Dynasty heritage.


Though the country is not large, its geography is surprisingly varied. Central Cambodia, bisected by the Mekong River, is flat farmland, mostly rice paddies. The river floods during the rainy season (June-October), irrigating the surrounding countryside. The coastal and southeastern regions are hilly, even mountainous in some places. Much of the nation is covered by dense forests and jungles, although deforestation by illegal logging is a growing problem.


Top Attractions: The chief attractions of Cambodia are the ancient temples of Angkor, historic buildings, Southeast Asian culture and jungle scenery.

Appeals To: Adventurous travelers interested in Southeast Asian history (both ancient and modern) will enjoy Cambodia. Those who cannot tolerate hot and humid conditions, schedule changes or the sight of severe poverty will not enjoy a visit to the country.