When they grow up, summers are what they remember. Make them memorable.

"Hands-down the best summer we've ever had. Enriching, fulfilling, and meaningful. We will never forget the amazing things we got to see and do in NYC; the experiences will impact us forever. This is what Dream Maker Travel is all about. Thank you, Crystal, I cry tears of happiness every time I see this video." – Kristina


Summer Camp Categories

The greatest gift a child can receive is a sense of wonder that will last a lifetime. Summer camp programs, which range from robotics to chemistry, broaden their horizons and challenge them to develop new life skills while being supported throughout. Summers are their chance to play, learn, and connect with friends from around the world. Capture those priceless memories with one of our below packages.

Do you believe memories are the best souvenirs?

Capture beautiful, candid vacation photos together with iconic backdrops. Stroll the streets with your local photographer who will share insider tips as they discreetly capture memories. Packages and pricing below applies to all 160 destinations worldwide. Search by city

90 Minute
Classic Souvenir

$500 USD

90 Minute photo shoot
Two locations
45 digital photos

60 Minute
Subtle Chronicler

$350 USD

60 Minute photo shoot
One or two locations
30 digital photos

30 Minute
Short Storyteller

$250 USD

30 Minute photo shoot
One location
15 digital photos