Summer Camp Categories

Summer camps help your children become more confident, independent & responsible. Regardless of the type of camp your children attend, they'll learn new skills, make new friends & enjoy experiences that will benefit them into adulthood.

Academic & Language Camps provide enthusiastic learners with instruction and experiences beyond what they typically receive during the school year. Often held at K–12 private school campuses & local universities.

Academic Camps include college preparatory, communication, leadership, math, and science. Language Camps include Chinese, English, French, German, and Spanish

Arts Camps encourage creativity through art, writing, movie making and even cooking. Performing Arts Camps foster your child's interest in theater, dance and music. Most camps are held at art schools, studios or museums. Creative Arts include cooking, movies, photography, and writing. Performing Arts include ballet, dance, music, piano, and theatre.

General Day Camps provide a laid-back mix of summer fun with games, arts & crafts and free play. Many include a weekly a field trip to a nearby fun destination, such as a swimming pool, park or other community destination. 

Nature & Outdoors Camps are a great way to combine learning, fun and fresh air! Your children can spend time in the woods or on the water learning about the plants and animals in the area or developing their riding skills at a Horsemanship Camp

  • Adventure
  • Animals
  • Boy Scouts
  • Nature
  • Science

Science & Technology Camps utilize fun, exciting & challenging activities to feed your child's interest in science & technology. Topics may include engineering, mathematics, computers, architecture, chemistry, biology, ecology and more. 

  • 3D Animation & Modeling
  • Game Design & Development
  • Programming & App Development
  • Robotics & Engineering
  • Web Design & Photography

Sports Camps are great way to hone skills in sports your child already loves or introduce your child to a new sport, such as fencing, rock climbing or martial arts. Many sports camps are offered at local schools and college campuses and instructed by coaching staff and players.

Individual Sports include acrobatics, chess, golf, martial arts, and swimming. Team Sports include basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and tennis.